PipeLight Holder™

Fitting side clearance lights to chassis pipes

The PipeLight Holder™ is designed to fit flush into the open end of a chassis pipe.

The shiny, chromed steel PipeLight Holder™ accepts compact LED lights that have housing mounting holes 28.5 mm apart. The electrical lead runs through the pipe.

Easy to install – includes 2 stainless steel rivets to secure the PipeLight Holder™ to the pipe.

  • No lights are included with the Lelox PipeLight Holder™
  • The Lelox PipeLight Holder™ fits chassis pipe tubes that have an inner diameter of 41 mm or greater
  • You will need to drill a hole in the chassis pipe to connect the electrical lead for the light.

Product Details

Material Weight Part No
Chromed Steel 0.15 kg PLH1

Pipelight Holder

Pipelight holder