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This web site includes detailed product information on our complete range. In addition, we have a product brochure: Click here to download. 

Our reseller network, truck dealerships and truck parts and service shops around Australia, have product information about our mudguards and mounting accessories and will be more than happy to assist you with any enquiries or orders you may have.

You can purchase direct from our site. 

Alternatively, Lelox products are conveniently located through dealerships and truck shops Australia wide.

Go to our DEALER LOCATOR to find your nearest stockist.

Lelox offers a wide range of standard mudguard styles: from quarter mudguards through to triaxle mudguards in both aluminium and stainless steel. 

If you have are unable to find a mudguard to suit your needs from our range, do not despair – you can use our custom mudguard service.

For best results, we strongly recommend that mudguards be professionally fitted.

IMPORTANT: If you have any doubts whatsoever about your ability to mount mudguards on your truck or trailer – STOP!

NOTE: The instructions we provide are a guide only – they do not take into consideration issues or problems that you may be faced with. We accept no liability for any adverse results you may get using these instructions.

Click on this link to go to our detailed Step by Step Installation Guide.

LELOX makes the aluminum bracket and the aluminium boss of our chassis pipes in our own in-factory foundry. 

The marine grade aluminum alloy is heated to over 750 degrees Celsius then the molten metal is poured into moulds to make the brackets and chassis pipes.

Yes, LELOX has been successfully providing heavy-duty mudguard mounting accessories to the Australian big truck market for over 20 years. Our products have been proven time and again in one of the world’s toughest truck and trailer operating environments.

LELOX brackets and chassis pipes are preferred by many operators for their high performance and durability combined with low weight.

LELOX chassis pipes and brackets should, under typical operating environments, last the life of the truck or trailer they are fitted to.

Any trucking operator who wants to run a great looking vehicle fitted with top quality reliable and durable lightweight gear.

The cast aluminium mounting brackets are designed to provide maximum strength and staying power. 

The design has evolved and significantly improved upon previous Lelox brackets in looks, strength, style and durability. 

The bracket gives you a very strong foundation for securely mounting either metal or plastic mudguards onto a truck.

LELOX released a new generation cast aluminium brackets in late 2007, raising the looks and performance bar to new levels. 

The new brackets are a significant improvement in style, strength and durability. Simultaneously we have priced them very competitively – being only a fraction more expensive than our old short aluminium brackets and significantly cheaper than our old 4 bolt long aluminium brackets while being much stronger than either old bracket.

The new bracket has been designed to supersede our old brackets while making a huge improvement in inventory control for our resellers – reducing over 20 bracket products down to 3!

The grooves on one side of our new bracket serve 3 purposes: 

(i) clearly identify which side faces outwards and which side (the one with the grooves) faces towards the truck/trailer frame, 

(ii) helps position and orient the orange end-cap to provide a ‘blind’ bracket finish and 

(iii) aids in production by allowing us to maintain uniform wall thickness while casting.

The rubber dampeners provide insulation and shock dampening between the cast aluminum bracket and the metal mudguard. 

This helps extend the life of the mudguard in high shock/vibration environments. 

We recommend that the rubber dampeners be fitted at all times – in fact, warranty on Lelox metal mudguards is void if our brackets are not fitted with the rubber vibration dampeners.

It is not necessary to use rubber vibration dampeners for plastic mudguards.

LELOX manufactures chassis pipes that offer superior strength, weight and on-truck performance relative to competing products. It is not unusual for LELOX chassis pipes to outlast the truck or trailer they are fitted to.

Our experience, based on considerable real-life industry feedback from users, is that properly fitted Lelox chassis pipes experience significantly fewer, if any, warranty or performance problems under typical operating environments relative to other chassis pipes in Australia.

LELOX off-set chassis pipes are designed to give maximum strength and durability for the lightest weight possible. The tubes are not bent and welded. The cast aluminium boss at the end of the pipe is moulded from molten aluminium directly onto the pipe in our own in-house foundry.

The DuraGal tube is kept straight to retain maximum structural integrity – we use thinner walls on our tubes compared to other suppliers without compromising on strength by bending or welding the tube. The aluminium boss is a heavy duty moulded ‘I’ beam designed to give maximum strength and holding power.

Off-set chassis pipes are designed to be mounted from an existing bolt hole on the truck chassis/frame. The off-set allows the pipe to achieve a full 360 degree rotation to be able to reach the mounting brackets bolted to the mudguards so that mudguards can be positioned on the truck wheels to achieve the best support, comply with regulations and look great at the same time.

The dimpled hardened washer supplied by LELOX is designed to sit between the chassis pipe cast aluminium base and the frame. This washer securely bites into the chassis pipe base as well as the truck frame for a more secure connection. A second hardened washer is cast into the inside of the off-set chassis pipe to provide a secure seat for the bolt used to mount the pipe onto the truck/trailer.

LELOX straight chassis pipes are designed to give the highest strength and durability for the lightest weight possible. The cast aluminum boss at the end of the chassis pipe is moulded from molten aluminium directly onto the DuraGal tube in our own in-house foundry – the tube is not hydraulically pushed into the aluminium boss using a plastic sleeve/liner. The aluminium boss has three bolt holes to make sure that once mounted it will not move!