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Lelox has a care plan to Assure your order is covered during Transport

What is Lelox Assure?

Lelox Assure is an affordable, full-circle consignment care package designed for your peace of mind. If your goods are nominated for Lelox Assure then we guarantee

  • If any Lelox product on the nominated purchase order is damaged in freight, we will replace free of charge!
  • We will cover the cost of returning the damaged item to us.
  • We will cover the freight cost of the replacement items back to you!

How does it work?

Just add Lelox Assure at checkout on your purchase to guarantee that order. If there is a claim for damage in freight, send us the required information and we can send out your replacement.

All this for $59.99 (includes GST)

T&C’s Apply

  1. Lelox Assure is a consignment care package to protect orders from faults through damages in shipping.
  1. Lelox (Australia) PTY LTD reserves the right to reject Lelox Assure on certain orders. Rejection can be on the basis of:
    1. Order contents
    2. Triaxle mudguards are automatically excluded from the program
  1. Notification of rejection will be in the way of written notice before an order is invoiced and shipped.
  1. For Goods which the Buyer is entitled to return under Lelox Assure, the Seller’s liability is limited to (at the Seller’s discretion) replacing the Goods, provided that:
    1. All Lelox products will have a Lelox Assure label
    2. The Buyer must notify the Seller within 7 days of delivery that the Goods where damaged in shipping.
    3. The Buyer must send photographs showing the damage obtained during shipping.
    4. The seller must be given reasonable opportunity to investigate the Buyer’s claim;
    5. Approved claims will only be shipped via a Lelox nominated freight.
    6. If damaged goods are requested to be sent back goods must be received at our warehouse within 30 days of approved return. Once received new items will be shipped.